Monday, September 10, 2012

The Twilight Saga

I gotta admit am a fan of twilight
The books are actually not that bad and pretty entertaining and the movies are ok too.

Im not so found of the vamps in this saga though.
Im more found of the wolves
The vampires are kinda strange..i mean sparkling in the sun..Really?

I have read all books and ive seen the movies in TV ( i dont go to the cinema normally)
Im pretty interested in the last movie of the Saga, but than again i dont think it will be great!
Just too much Vamp stuff and too less about the wolves.

I guess ill watch it anyway, online of course since i dont have anyone who would watch it in cinemas with me. And in any way am not a fan of cinema´s.
The character i do like are actually jake n paul from wolves aswell as leah and seth clearwater.

From the vamps i like jasper and carlisle.
Edward isnt a character i like too much as i think hes way to controlinng over Bella.
Bella is such a boring character..has not much to offer except her obidience and randomness..
I also like Billy Black and charlie ( bellas dad) as tehy are interesting characters in my opinion.
Renee (Bellas mom )on the other site is pretty boring

Any of you who like twilight?

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