Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tantrum disasters

Rayyan is now 2 years n 3 months old and since a few days he makes our life much harder.
He started to throw tantrums around the clock, like every 1 hours he freaks out at least once.
Really great when he starts crying, screaming, biting, kicking,..
He even lay down on the ground to bang his head against the floor. My MIL told me all her sons used to do that so i guess that an egyptian trade? Never heard of european kids doing that.
Even at night theres no peace in this house cause if he wakes up he starts screaming as if someone hit him or worse. Its pretty scary when he does that cause i do feel sorry for him, it must be terrifying to suddenly feel like this angry, sad, or whatever it is.
The only way to make him stop is to hug him and be quiet, if even say 1 word he will cry again :(

I really wish i had some support like my mother or aunts here to take him from time to time so i can breathe a bit.
Though im not sure if they could handle him when he throws another tantrum.
So any of you who have gone through this phase with their kids, any suggestions, tips or advices?
I could use any advice possible :)
If this goes on until his 3rd brithsday ill probably have white hair at that time from all the stress :S

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