Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doctors in Egypt?

Doctors in egypt are a topic which is really hard to handle.
How do you find a good one that you can trust and who is qualified?
I dont really have the need to go to a doctor except when i cant stand a problem anymore..

So the kinds of doctors i went to are:
gynecologist ( pregnancy and birth)
Pediatricians ( my son, not me :)

Thanks to my MIL i found a great Gynecologist pretty fast.
the first one i went to was a woman cause i would have prefered to have a female one.
But she wasnt really qualified, she didnt ask about family history ( illnesses) or anything else that could be important. i didnt feel very safe with her so i changed afgter 3 visits.
I found one ( a male one) who is highly qualified and who did a great job. He does travel to europe and other countrys to study and update his knowledge which is something i appreciate.Of course he cant keep up with the doctors you would see in germany, simply bcz in germany the doctor will tell you everything, from the size of the baby to the health,..
Here they dont talk to you, all they tell u is " the baby is fine"..
Well i want to know a bit more as i dont depend on the doctors, i have enough knowledge to know what size is acceptable at which time of the pregnancy etc..
Still im satisfied with his work and would always recommand him.

The dentist i went to is a friend of my husband and also a very good one.
Didnt have much problems and at leats he knew how to use anaesthesia. I didnt had much pain and he worked on the right teeth. i guess thats all i could ask for.

Well the pediatricion is a whole another chapter..
Finding a good one is neatly impossible!
Some of them will do anythign to make your child recover fast, which isnt a good thing.
rayyan had a bad flu and since he our first child we were pretty worried. The pediatricion we went to gave an injection and told us it will be fine. He got better pretty fast but in the end we found out there was cortisol in the injection..We did ask about this and the doctor assured us theres nothing like that.
Cortisol is very bad for the body and espceially for kids, its not needed for cases like a flu or cold!
Never went to that doctor again.

Another one didnt recognize that rayyan had an ear infection. Thats another one we wont go again..

next one want to give him Antibiotics for everything, cold, flu, fever..hey take antibiotics helps for everything..Well not really
Antibiotics are against bacteria..Flu and cold come from virus, so why do you need antibiotic?

The one we go to know is also a huge fan of antibiotics, but othe rthan that hes ok. Not perfect, not even good but what should we do?
We just cant seem to find a good one anywhere..we went to 4 different areas of cairo and all of them were not good enough!

The one we go to at the moment is supposed to be in our area 2 times a week. Sadly he doesnt show up most of the time. And if he does than you have to wait more than 1 hour.
1 hour in a hopstital with a tantrum throwing toddler..lovly..
He also takes 50 Le for every visit which is really high just for a check up.
Other doctors take about 20Le..seems like he knows that hes better than a lot of other pediatricion in egypt..

That wouldnt be a problem if we moved to germany. At least the doctors there are better and more trustable. In addition the insurance pays for everything.
i know that we paid more than 400$ when i had my baby, and if i had him in germany, not only would the surrounding be better, but we wouldnt need to pay anything.
I would also have had a nurse to help me with a lot of stuff thati had to figure out myself in egypt ( not that easy i can tell u..)

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