Saturday, September 8, 2012

Iphone 3 gs problems..

When my mum came to visit she brought me an iphone 3gs.
I bought that one on ebay, so its an used item but i dont mind.
The problem i have now is that i was jailbreak and i tried to reset the iphone
Now when i turn it on  i only get the apple logo but it wont turn on.

I hate this situation cause i have the iphone at home and cantuse waste of money!
My husband tried to fix the problem, but didnt succeed in it till now.
I hope he gonna manage to fix it soon so i can finally use the iphone to read books andwell use it as a phone. My other mobile ( samsung corby) doesnt work well since some time. Mostly i cant the one im im in need of the iphone

Has anyone an idea how to fix the iphone problem?

if you have an iphone, let me know your favourtie apps :)
i didnt had much time to use the iphone till now so i had only a few apps like whatsapp, viber, some games, quran and the talking cat,dog n parrot. my son sure loves the talking cat and i wont download that again. As soon as he sees the cat he takes the iphone and keeps it with him. having conversations with his best friend the talking cat :D
It actually just repeats what u say in a strange voice, but rayyan loves it..

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