Saturday, September 8, 2012

Facebook - marriage market?

I havent been ableto use theInternet yesterday, so today after sleeping as much as possible i went online to see what has happend in the time i was not around.
I do like Facebook as its a great way to getto knew other people with same interests and beliefs.
People around me dont speak much english and are overall pretty boring..
So i love my FB account.
I did change settings so males cant contact me and i only talk to males of the family.
Its pretty obvious im not searching for a relationship or friendship to males on FB.
My status: Married to *****
Written in my profile :

 Dear males, dont try 2 add me or write me
Im not interested ..
Just fear Allah!

So plzz stoo sending me friends request

and 4 the case u dont know me but wanna add me (females), at least contact me in any way be4 u add me..
Sure that doesnt keep them from sending me friendsrequests and from poking me. I ignore that simply as i know those guys r idiots.
If u add a random person, dont u read the profile first?
I guess guys dont!
So 2day someone tried to contact me, nothing special.
But, well..kinda different and very stupid.
He wrote a pist in a group ( foreignersd in egypt) mentioning my name, to make sure id read it.
Ahmed Shenawy wrote: **** inbox me. Something important and in very respectfull way 
Me: excuse me, i dont know u and have no interest to talk 2 males that i dont know..plz delete this post!
Ahmed Shenawy :in very respectful **** and u will see and if I say something wrong it's easy to block me
Ahmed Shenawy : I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't because of your privarcy setting
Me: should show u that i dont wannatalk to u!
Ahmed Shenawy :and of course I know that you are very respectful woman
Me: what u want? im gonna block u soon if u going on with chatting!
Ahmed Shenawy :please,in very respectful way(((
Ahmed Shenawy :why r u going to do that?
did I say anything melicious or wrong??((((
just give me the chance to talk to you((((

Ahmed Shenawy it's very respectful request and you will see that yourself
but it should not be in public

Me: :i told u, tell me what u want? im not interested inprivate chat with males!

Ahmed Shenawy it's embarrasing
I want to marry you officially on official papers and in Al Azhar but we need to know more about each other right?

Ahmed Shenawy so I'm not talking about something melicious as u thought(((

 Me: You are such an idiot! did u read my profile at all..iam married and i have a son! Ill report u for harrasing now..bye
So he blocked me after my last post :D
I will report him anyway! Such a rude behaviour..
Even if i wasnt married, i still dont need random strangers asking me to marry them bcz they like my pic..ts ts ts.. im not that desperate, never was!
FB really needs a function : only viewable for Females / Males
+ choose exceptions
That would be suchmuch better!

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