Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BonBons parfume

I love these little parfums from BonBons
They are my first choice for traveling and going out.
They are small enough o fit in every bag, no matter how small.
And they smell pretty good.
There are 2 more available in addition to the 3 above.
I normally choose one called milkshake, smelling like vanilla, but they didnt have it at the store.
So i went for the one on the right, Melody, smells good too.
The other 2 smell ok but are not so much my taste.
Those parfums are imported from italy but still coast only 21Le (3.5$) which i guess thats ok.
They are not my favs of all time but my favs for taking some parfum with me when i go out.
My fav of all time are gucci n pur poisen. I love oriental parfumes too but they dont exactly have right names here in egypt. They just mix parfumes in any way you tell them.
What parfumes do you like to use?

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