Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bad luck or destiny?

I guess when something bad happens not only 1 thing will go wrong.
At leastthat mostly the case for me and my family.

If something bad happens other things add to it..
Today my husband injured his finger very badly, he nearly cut it off :S
It happend at work but since there is no isurance in egypt we wont get anything for this.
And well its his own factory..
Alhamdulillah the doctor was able to fix it for now and we will see how this goes on.
70% chance that he wont be able to completly bend this finger again :(

In addition to this it seems my son gets sick too.
Im not sure whats happening but he has a temperature. He still feels good and has as much energy as always so it doesnt seem to be something too bad.
In any way we will have to go to his doctor tomorrow to check whats wrong.

thats all happening just after i finished my tooth problems a few days ago..
I guess it never really runs smoothly for us.
But after all every pain we endure will give us hasanat ( good deeds) so im gonna think of that..

i dont believe in bad luck really..
I think its all a reaction to something we did or simply destiny ( written by allah)
If we do something bad that hurt others, we might just get it back by a suffering in this world or we will get punished in the next one. i surely prefer to suffer here for some time and have a happiness for eternity in the next one..

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