Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back in Egypt

So am back in egypt :)
The journey was better than going there but still not great.
After spending new years night with my mum n uncle i went 2 bed at 1 am just 2 get up again at 5am 2 get ready.
At 6am my uncle came back 2 drive me 2 the airport ( 180km).
My flight from hamburg 2 prague was from 9.15 am until 10.40 am
When we reached parg the pilot gave us the information that we have no permission 2 land there and we have 2 wait 4 further information..not very nice 2 hear this when u r in a plane.
When the plane finally went down we all could see what was the problem.
It was so foggy that u couldnt even see the lights of the tower.
Alhamdulillah the pilot was great and got us down without any problems, but it still was scary.
After the flight i heard that some ppl in the plane even prayed bcz they were so scared:S

After that i had 2 stay at the airport until 9.40pm when my flight took of to cairo.
It just started 2 snow when the plane took off :)
Alhamdulillah i arrived cairo at 2.30am and needed about 20 min 2 get through the checks
The really opend my bag :S
The guy even asked me 2 lift my 19kg bag up so he could open it, but i clearly told him i cant lift it up!
Anyway after the normal rude behaviour of the airport stuff i finally got to go back home :)

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