Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Holidays in germany

So am in germany...finally :)
The travel wasnt that good since my first flight 2 Prague got delayed for 3 hours bcz of snow and my flight from Prague 2 Hamburg got delayed from 7am until 9pm :S
But alhamdulillah the airline gave me a hotel room which was really great.
And inthe end i reached hamburg safe

Now am here since some days and i already visited my granddad and the rest of the time i spend with my mum.

its pretty cold here.
When i reached it was snowing and about - 5 degree celsius
Now the snow melted and its 1 degree celsius which is still cold compared to the 20 we had in cairo.The next days ill just spend shopping the things i cant get in egypt and of course being with my family.
Inshallah my uncle an his wife n son gonna visit us from denmark and ill visit my aunt 2.
I have 4 uncles and 7 aunts but we sadly dont have contact 2 all of them so ill just see the ones that r close 2 us.
I wont see my dad but ill write him a letter again even though he never answers my letters :(

I wish u all a happy new year

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