Saturday, December 5, 2009

the invitation

Yesterday we have been invited 2 the aunt of my husband and her family.
Shes really a great person, so kind and lovable and so is her family.
The dinner was nice even though my husband told them i like meat which was simply a lie and he knows it. That kinda made me in some trouble as they expected me 2 eat the fish and meat.
Anyway stil it was a nice evening and aunt zezo even gave us some presents :)
After this we went shopping in downtown which was as usual chaotic but alhamdulillah i found some shoes i can wear in germany and a new bag (much needed)

It was such a great day and am kinda sad that now its over and we r back in reality :S

4 me i concentrate on going germany and buying some presents 4 my family and of course on the baby which is 11 weeks now :)

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