Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold again..

I dont know why am doing this 2 myself :)
Am sick, got a bad cold again..its my own fault as i didnt cover myself well and fast enough after taking a shower ( and i hear this from my husband over n over again *sigh*)
Still i cant stay in bed an dtake rest as i should, well i could but my mind doesnt let me.
I just cooked 4 dinner, made a cake, cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom and washed clothes. Now i feel really exhausted, the way i would never feel if i wasnt ill and doing this stuff.
But i simply feel guilty if my husband comes home into a dirty house where no food is ready at all.

I have 2 admit i didnt made the cake just 4 my husband :)
I really want some chocolate and i hope it will make me hungry as these days i dont wanna eat at all. Im just not hungry and food make me feel like running away. Even things i love, i just cant seem 2 enjoy eating :(
I just pray it doesnt harm my baby that i dont eat so much these days.
Ill find out in some days inshallah when ill see a doctor. Since i decided 2 change the doctor my family in law is deciding a new doctor ( i simply dont know any doctors here). But the doctor they choose is kinda busy and he or she could only give me a date on saturday, so i hope it gonna work out and ill see the baby on the sonar again :)
Now when am lucky they might find out if its a girl or a boy *crossing fingers*
I still wish 4 a girl but i stopped making dua 4 that.As my husband wants a boy and everyone else wants a girl ill try 2 be not caring about the gender and i only make dua that the baby is strong, healthy and 2 be a good muslim..inshallah

The other thing i make dua 4 every single day is that my mum converts 2 islam.
Any of u who have non muslim parents? and did u try 2 show them islam?

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