Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salah at-Tarawih

I dont know so much about this topic as the last times i did ramadan i didnt do this so much. But as iam into trying 2 do more effort this year i tryd 2 find more information about it.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimin said: "Salah at night during Ramadan has benefits and merits not found in other times. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: 'Whoever makes night prayer during Ramadan, with Eman and hoping for reward from Allah, all his previous sins are forgiven. ' [Agreed upon]Night prayer during Ramadan is inclusive of salah in the early as well as late part of the night. For this reason, Tarawih is part of night prayer during Ramadan. It is necessary to seek it, to protect it, and to hope for reward from Allah because of it. It is only during a limited number of nights, so the intelligent believer takes advantage of the opportunity before it is lost."

I wish i were married n could pray with my husband instead of being alone :S
Spending Ramadan alone is just not the same as spending it surrounded by other muslims.

In 2006 i spend half Ramadan in Pakistan. it wasnt such an event as in other countrys but still better than in germany.
The whole Family (10 persons) used 2 get up and eat 2gether before fajr.
sadly we never prayed there 2gether, thats was quite something which suprised me when i came there. Whenever i meet any other muslimas here in germany we pray 2gether so i couldnt believe in pakistan they just prayed each one alone not even calling the others 4 prayers ( azhan excluded)
Inshallah i will post some pictures i made in pakistan later.

So again wishing u all a rewardfull ramadan

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