Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 week *omg*

In 1 week at this time ill be in cairo
So am really getting nervous, my mum said am so calm but seriously inside me am shaking :)
I have so many thoughts about this, so many worrys.
In 1 week at this time im going 2 marry, even when i write this words i cant really believe it and its so surreal 4 me.

Its been just way 2 many times in the last 12 months that ive been in this situation ( except marriage)
Ive been traveling so much and changing flats. Everytime am nervous and til now everytime the travel went good ( more or less)
But i just hope his gonna be the last time 4 me to travel alone for a long time bcz am tired of it.
I went from germany 2 cairo, from cairo 2 alex ( changed the flat in alex) went back 2 germany, went 2 uk n back 2 germany
N now ill go back 2 cairo :)
So much happend in the last 12 months and it changed me a lot * alhmadulillah*

I hope Ramadan is going well 4 all of u and u r all happy :)

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Jaz said...

Oh be excited don't be nervous! We want to hear more about the guy you'll be marrying! Best wishes for your marriage and travels, and by the way I adore the song on your profile!