Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remedys for sinusitis?

So the weather changes and for sure right away i get really sick :(
I got sinusitis which means i feel like i spend the night hitting my head against the wall!
My whole body hurts as if i was a old woman and the worst is the headache and the fever :S
I just hope the meds gonna work soon as its really hard to take care of my son like this

I try to mix up meds with home remedys againts sinusitis but i dont think any of it works til now.

lemon in water
inhaling damp ( over a bowl with hot water and than towel over ur head)
apple cidar in water

I have no idea what else could help?

Im already taking some meds that used to work good before but doesnt seem to make a difference this time.
I know a med that would work good against this, but i cant get it here in egypt :(

My diet suffers too while am sick
Yesterday i was too tired to cock something healthy so i ended up eating pasta with creamy sauce and soem cake.
Today though im not able to eat much at all. So all i had today were 2 small apple and lots of coffee ( ok just 3 cups til now, but thwe day didnt finish till now)
That might make up for the cake yesterday..


Amr said...

cought my attention the "Konversion" part. Aint ahteist a much better and safer choice? :-)

Mimisha said...


Anonymous said...

Salam i know your blog is not updated but maybe you will see this message inchaAllah. I was a follower of your blog long time ago, also a revert myself and i had a blog. Are you always in Egypt? Hope all is good for you.Allah bless you sister.