Friday, July 23, 2010

My Family

My son is now over 5 weeks old and my father ( + his family) dont know about his existence :(
I i dint talked to my dad since i turned 18. We just exchnged christmas and birthday cards and i wrote him several letters 2 which i never got an answer.
Now i feel guilty that i didnt tell them about my Son and i know i have to tell them sooner or later.
But how do i do this?
I wrote him a letter which i didnt send til now bcz i feel its missing so many things.
I i wrote all the things i wanna tell him i would need like 10 pages.
I wish he had an email account so i could easily write him and send him pictures of Rayyan, but he doesnt use the internet at all :(
So i have the choice to give the letters 2 my mum and she will send them or i will send them when i go germany (hopefully on christmas)
i wish i could meet him around christmas so he could meet his grandson.
My mother will see her grandson for the first time this august and i cant wait to have her here :)
I just have 2 believe the relationship betwen my dad n me will be repaired.
I long for this since longer time and i tryd my best by writing him letters about how my life is going ( though i didnt mention iam a muslim) but sadly he never replyd. Even my granddad and my uncle couldnt explain why he didnt answer me. I guess its about his "lovly gf" who definetly dont want me back in his life, taking her precious time with him..
But Rayyan might open a door for us 2 get back to the connection we had before, inshallah.


deppy said...

MashaAlah Rayyan is cutie, may alah saves him :)

If I were you I'd go for a short msg saying that he had a grandson, and I'll attach printed photo with the msg, leaving a door for him to be thrilled, hopefully that would open a door InshaAlah, specially that you have good intentions :)

And just pray for him Mee

Bitten by an Arab bug said...

Hope things get well for you and your family soon.