Wednesday, April 21, 2010

baby shopping again

A few days ago i went to Carrefour (after begging my husband :D)
And these days they have so many cute Babyclothes, i could just buy all of them .
But i had 2 keep myself so i bought just 3 items.
I just love the baby clothes from Disney they are super cute :)
Inshallah i will buy another 3 of the babybodys soon and than i have nearly everything ill need for the baby. Only the bed is missing, but thats my husbands buisness 2 bring it.

The Clothes with the Bee atracted me since longer time and i finally decided 2 buy them.
I think they will be looking so cute on my little baby boy :)

I nearly bought a pink babybody 2 but i decided it would be bad if people ask me if our son is a girl :S
My husband though would have bought it bcz i told him i love the colour :)

Im a bit sad that my family in law doesnt show much of intrest but im sure it will change whenthe baby is born,inshallah :)
My mother on the other side seems to already go shopping for the baby :D
She always asks me what i still need and she will bring it when she comes to visit.

We also finally got pretty sure about a name alhamdulillah
Its 99% sure that his name will be Fares :)
My husband and me liked that name when we first got to know that iam pregnant.
And i think as it was our first thought, maybe it was the right one.
Well i think we will finally decide when we see him for the first time:)

This are the things i bought for him


Amira said...

aww mashallah very cute! I love shopping for babies the stuff is so adorable. My mom has to tell me yaallah lets go now.

Anonymous said...

I love the one with the bee!