Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My home town

Since some days i start to miss my home -city.
I just miss the park where i used to spend time since im a little kid, the beach where i went 2 swim and took long walks. I miss my family and i miss the shops where u can buy all those things that arent available here.

Still iam happy 2 live here.
My new life is here, my husband, my family in law and my baby will grow up here :)

So im gonna introduce my home-city to u.
Maybe if anyone of u ever gonna make holiday in germany, u can visit it as its a tourist city :)

The name of my home-city is Husum.
In my city are living about 20.000 people, so its not a big city at all, especially compared to cairo.
Still there are a lot of things to see if u visit it.
For me, the most amazing place there is the castle park.
The park is surrounding a castle, where wifes of some high danish lords went to live after their husband died. of course that was in the past and now there is a museum in the castle.
But thats not the highlight of the park.
Every year in spring the park turns violet from all the crocus that are growing everywhere.
A lot of people come to husum just to see this amazing event.
The crocus have been planted in the past by monks who used them to colour their robes.

Husum is directly beside the north sea so u can go to the sea every day if u please to.
There are also several special places where u can go swimming in the sea in the summer.
The only thiong that keep u from swimming is that the water isnt there all the time :)
We have tides, which means that every 6 hours the water goes and than again after 6 hours it comes back.
Even u cant swim when the water is gone there is the possibility to take a walk on the mudflap, but only with a proffesional, who knows where to go.
A lot of people get in trouble when they go out in the madflap alone and they wether get surprised by the water coming back or bcz the they tap into places where u can sinck into the mud. I once went about 100 m out in the mud and i sank into it to my hips and it was really hard to get out of it again :)

My city is famous for the poet theodor storm.
He wrote a lot of novells, like Immensee and Pole Poppenspeeler and also a lot of poems.
My favourite poem from him is about husum, in that one he decribes the city very accurate.

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