Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trust and Forgiveness

There are less people that i trust completly, i actually can count them with one Hand.
There would be my Husband, my Mother, my Uncle and my best Friend.
These are the people that i trust because time showed that i can trust them and i think it would be sad if i didnt trust my mother or my husband, wouldnt it?
For me trust needs time 2 develope and i trust people when its proved that this certain person doesnt act against me. That doesnt mean i suspect bad things from people i get 2 know, but i wouldnt for example trust them 2 help me when iam really in trouble.

I trust my husband that he wont cheat on me, though it would be so easy for him.
He spends a lot of time out of he house and he passes by places where he easily could meet any nice girls. Im sure he sees a lot of beautifull girls when hes heading from one work-place 2 another.
But i trust he would never flirt with them or exchange numbers.
I know he chatted with a lot of girls before we got married and though he stoped 2 chat at all, he didnt delete them cause he didnt wanted 2 hide anything from me.
Being open and telling each other if anything happens strenghtens our trust 2 each other.

My husband on the other side has another theory about trust.
When he meet anyone new, he tests them and if they pass it, he trusts them.
He said that a person can always betray u, no matter how long u know them. But if u test them u can be more secure that they wont cheat u.
Not a bad theory i think, though i wouldnt adjust 2 it, as i dont like 2 test people.

But what happens if someone broke ur trust?
Can u forgive and trust them again or u wont trust them ever again.
Just some days ago i read something that made me think about this and i think its a very wise saying ( its in german,but i translated it)
" If u like a human, than u have 2 understand him. And not see his mistakes here, there and everywhere. Look at it with love and forgive. Are u are also not free of mistakes. Think about how many times in life people have forgiven u "
Its from my Uncle and hes completly right.
I dont stop trusting just because i got dissappointed once, though it may be hard, i would try 2 forgive and trust this person again.
Of course my trust would be less for some time and if his person breaks my trust again it might vanish. But i would forgive him and still trust, as i wish he would do the same when i did a mistake.

Sure this doesnt work if that certain person hurted u in purpose and in a very bad way. And if that person doesnt care just like he/she doesnt apologize. Than it would be hard 2 forgive and trust again. And maybe it would be even impossible.

Try ur best to forgive people who hurt u and to trust the people close to u.
It will not only make u seem a better person but it will also make u more happy and satisfied with life.

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