Sunday, April 4, 2010

An egyptian wedding

On Friday i attended my first egyptian marriage :)
It was really nice and the arrangements were great.
The One who married was the cousin of my husband, who is considered the most beautifull girl in the family :)
She looked great in her dress, mashallah
And i have 2 say egyptian weddings are much better than german ones. More entertaining and more fun.
The couple was dancing all the time. i dont know how they managed that, after all it was more than 5 hours of dancing for them :)
And they both seemed so happy, inshallah they will have a great life 2gether!

The Entrance with the guest book

The room where the wedding took place

The top of the room


sepha said...

mashallah what a dream wedding. da kommt man glatt ins träumen, was die eigene hochzeit angeht....fehlt nur noch der traumman!

I hope you and the baby are at good health. wish you all the best!!

Mimisha said...

inshallah findest du bald den richtigen :)
Ich hatte ja nicht so eine hochzeit aber inshallah hohle ich das im september nach :D

ya the baby is doing great and giving me a hard time trying 2 sleep :)

Anonymous said...

Asalam alaikum, I wanted to ask if I could get permission to use one of these photos in an article I'm writing for The one I'm asking about is this one

please send me an email at alily4lucille @ to let me know ASAP. JZK. I also need the name of the person for the photo credits :) jzk