Monday, April 26, 2010

Shopping while pregnant

Normally i love shopping ( especially baby clothes at the moment)
But right now going 2 buy clothes 4 myself is more like a nightmare.
Not only that i feel iam walking like a duck, i also see all those wonderfull clothes that are not fitting me anymore :S
I think im just tired of being pregnant, and alhamdulillah its just 7 weeks left.
Now when i go out i get tired very fast and im not so much intrested anymore to spend much time on looking at things for the flat or for the baby bcz it makes me exhausted.
When i went out on friday to buy something 2 wear i had real problems 2 find anything at all that would fit me.
I could buy trousers which are specially for pregnant, but they arent really islamic as they r tight and i dont like them much.
So i was looking for a maxi-dress, over which i could just wear a loose shirt to cover my arms.
Alhamdulillah after a long search i found one for 150 egyptian pound :)
I was also intrested to buy a butterfly-abaya, but my husband didnt liked the idea.
He said i look like a pigeon when i wear it :S
Well so now i just need 1 more abaya to wear in the pregnancy and than i think it should be ok for the next 7 weeks. I just have 2 dresses and 1 abaya at the moment to go out with.
I dont really feel attractive anymore with that big belly and always wearing the same clothes :S
I miss to wear nice clothes at home and skirts outside the home so i just pray that i will get in shape fast after the pregnancy, inshallah.

Yesterday i finally got to the doctor for the check up. First he checked my blood pressure and he checked it several times cause it was so low.
Than he made the ultrasound and honestly i dont really reconized much on the monitor.
When i finally thought i recognized the babys face and hands from the side, the doctor told us it was the face which was looking in the direction of the ultrasound.My husband too cant figure out what he sees on the ultrasound :)
Unfortunatly he wasnt able to get me a good picture of thebaby head ( i had asked him for one to send it to my father). But inshallah next time i will get a good picture, if the baby lays in a good position.
The doctor also checked my weight.
I gained 13 kg until now :(
This sounds too much for me, but he didnt commented much about it, so i guess its not too bad.
After all im happy the baby is fine and everything is going ok. Now i will have to make a blood test soon to see if everyhing is ok with the blood sugar and the iron in my body. Ima pretty scared of taking blood, its one of my biggest fears. But the laboratory here is really good and the take blood without hurting much, alhamdulillah. I guess i will make the test soon and i will have to fast about 6 hours before it. But that wont be too hard for me i think.
In any wayi thank Allah for giving me such a good going pregnancy.

Now 7 weeks left, i should prepare for giving birth, but i dont think about it too much bcz it scares me to think of it :)
It will come out anyway, so i think no need to worry so much about what COULD happen.
I believe in my strength, that all woman have when it comes to this topic, at least if u trust in Allah and in urself.
Inshallah everything will go fine and i just need to finish shopping the things that are still needed, so we be ready for our Son :)

May Allah bless all the pregnant woman out there who are going through hard times and having difficult pregnancys.


Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

salaam alaikum,
I feel the same way! Everytime I pass a shop and see all the beautiful clothes on display I get depressed knowing I can no longer fit into them. My abayahs are now a bit snug, so I have to wear a very long hijab (almost to my waist) to cover my chest and stomach). I also need to buy a few more abayahs (preferably ones that button so I will have easy access when I am in labor and nursing) however I will have to order them online since there are no good ones in spain. I cant wait until the baby is born and I can get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and look attractive for my husband. I feel like a huge whale and know what you mean about walking like a duck lol. Giving birth also scares me, I would suggest watching videos for natural births to use their techniques for when you go into labor, its supposed to help with the pain!

Bitten by an Arab bug said...

Hi Mimisha!

I think butterfly-abayas tend to look best on tall, thin girls, as it make them look wider. Therefore it is a big NO for preggers to wear it. Anyway, I saw some dressy butterfly abayas in Dubai, so if you really want to have one, you can buy the one with single or multi-colored lace so it wont make you look like a pigeon :) Btw, I hope that you will have a healthy birth, goodluck!

Anonymous said...

Ohh i love butterfly abayas, i have one but i'm tall and i just start my pregancy so don't know about the "pigeon look alike".
May Allah give you a son in good health.

BaTaBeeT said...
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BaTaBeeT said...

Salamu Alaikum :)

1st time here around your blog and I Love it...

I'm glad to hear that you're having a good pregnancy Alhamdulellah and I hope you have a nice delivery too :)

and dont worry... u can lose your baby weight fast.. I know a good dietitian (do they call it that??) :D