Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Mouse in the House

Some days ago when i wnt in the kitchen and turned on the light i saw something small n black running from underneath the table to the stove.
My first thought was its a roach but when i showed my husband how big it was he was sure its a mouse ( or rat :S)
Thats absolutly the last thing i need, a rat in my house.

But it turned out to be helpfull for me in some way :D
I begged my husband to buy a cat since long time and now that we have/had a mouse he said that we gonna buy a cat soon.
I hope he wont change his mind again about this. It would be great to have a pet in the house, i asked for that since the day that we married.
Cats are my favourite animals and i tryd to get my husband to buy one for so long, but he always said we should buy it after the baby is born.
Now inshallah we gonna buy one soon as a cat is tsill more acceptable for him than a mouse :)


Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

InshaAllah you will get a cat soon! They are such wonderful animals =)
They have such unique personalities and are great pets. i think the reason your husband wanted to wait to get a cat is because pregnant women can get toxioplasmosis from cats (from their litter boxes). However if you wear gloves or have your husband clean the litter box you dont have to worry about catching it since it is found in the cats stool. The same applies to raw meat. If you handle raw meat you can catch toxioplasmosis (which causes birth defects in fetuses) which is why its best to wear gloves or wash your hands immediately after working with meat or working in a garden (where cats can go to the bathroom).
Once the baby is born inshaAllah remind your husband of how wonderful it would be to have a pet!

IamSilla said...

hahaha that's cute!! n cats r adorableeee