Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few Blogs i love

These days are just hot here in Egypt. The temperature suddenly raised above 40C (105F).
So since we got no Ac in our Flat we went to my in-laws villa where we have a flat with AC. Unfortunatly thats all that is in the Flat ( no Fridge, kitchen, closet,..)
But we can use the kitchen and fridge down in the Flat of my in laws or in the Flat next to us which belongs to my brother in law :)
Still i miss my kitchen as i found a lot of nice recipes that i wanna try and i cant do that here.

Anyway, my Life is pretty boring these days:)
Bcz of the heat i stay inside the flat all day long and cant do much :)
So im gonna present u some BLogs that i follow and which are my favourites.

I gotta start with a Book Blog
Its called the Jacaranda Secret and its from Angela O'Brien.
I really enjoy reading the chapters of the book and i always wait for the next one :)

A Blog i just found 2day is about cooking :)
It has some really delicious recipes which i will definetly try soon.

This one is really nice to read too.
I love the way the sister is writing and always making me smile :)

I love this Blog, especially the last post i support 100%.
I love it bcz i can see myself in the posts.

There are many more that i like and follow, but it would take too long to mention them all here right now :)


Amira said...

Ahh I know how you feel about the heat. I dont live in Egypt but in my State its quite hot now and I'm wishing for winter tho even then we dont have much of a winter but at least its slightly cool. Lol. Are there links to this post becuase I cant see which blogs you are referring to. tc sis

Mimisha said...

I think the thing with inserting links didnt work.
But i put them now just like that.
Thx for telling me, i didnt recognize the links were missing :S

Cairo doula Gertrud said...

Hallo liebe Mimisha,

wie geht es Ihnen? und dem Baby? nach dieser Hitzewelle?

Ich helfe Ihnen gerne bei der Geburt als Doula, bitte melden Sie sich bei mir., LG, Gertrud