Sunday, May 2, 2010

Exactly 6 weeks..

Now its only 6 weeks until i will be a mom
Thinking of this really scares me somehow :S
6 weeks is definetly not a long time anymore and im not ready. We still need to buy several necesarry things for the baby.
Aaaannnnd theres another problem *offff*
The dcotor to who iam always going is kinda far away from here.
We drive about 1,5 hours to him throught the cairo traffic.
So now he told us he wont come to us when im giving birth, i should come to him :S
So he thinks i will stay in a car for 1,5 hours while im in huge pain?
And what if we stuck in the traffic, ill get the baby in a car? :S

Now i have 3 possibilitys what i can do:

1. I will change the doctor and give birth in the hospital which is 2 min away from our house. I know they are not as good as my current doctor but we wil check on them to see if they are acceptable.

2. I move to our old flat which is in the familys villa.
Problem: The flat is empty ( no bed, no fridge, no nothing :S)

3. We move to a flat that belongs to my Family in law. Its in downtown and about 5 min away from my doctor. Sounds good but...
I dont feel comfortable to stay there cause i cant use the kitchen (2 dirty sorry)
And i use the bathroom only when its really necessary, so i wont be able to take showers a lot :S
I really dont wanna stay there cause i wont be able to clean and after all i wont be able to even make a coffee in the kitchen in the morning :(

I guess i will have to change the doctor, so i can at least stay in my own flat and after giving birth we wont habe to take a long way to be back home.
I just hope the hospital is good and the doctor here is trustable.
Still iam sad that i cant have my doctor there with me bcz hes really great and i trust him ( i dont trust a lot of doctors)
(if anyone want his number, just contact me :)

Inshallah there will be a good solution for us soon
This psychological stress just isnt good for me ( and there are more things that stress me) :S

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Xenia said...

InshaAllah everything will turn out fine, may Allah grant you a healthy and righteous baby pleasing to you and Him ameen.