Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little creature in the house :)

No its not the baby :D
Hes still where he should be and inshallah he wont be born before the due date ( 13.6)

But since last night we have a little kitten in the house :)
She was staying at the street in front of the house for long time, crying from hunger.
So after some time we took her in the house and fed her.
Shes very active and naughty :)
All day long shes haunting whatever comes her way ( carpet, my bag, hijabs,..)
I planned to buy a sherazi cat after having the baby but i guess we gonna keep this one.
After all i cant throw her out on the street, shes too young to take care of herself.
I guess shes about 3 or 4 weeks old, after all shes very tiny.
Now i just need to choose a name for her :)
Maybe ill call her tiny bcz of her size

This is her


Jaz said...

SO SO SO cute! But try to get her checked out at a vet if you haven't already since she comes from the street you don't want her bringing in diseases.

Sarira said...

^ Totally what I was going to say! Be careful. Pregnant women can get a disease called 'Taxonomy " something from cats- I know she's just a kitten, but they grow fast. (I studied it in health class but honestly I forgot it all now- except the name ;))

Anyways, I landed on your blog through Jaz, actually :D

I'm originally egyptian, btw. Whereabouts are you in Egypt? If you don't mind me asking? I'm from Alexandria :D

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Very cute mashaAllah. As for catching toxioplasmosis as long as you don't change the litter box (it is found in the cats stool) or wear gloves when changing the litter and wash your hands afterward, you will be fine inshaAllah. Also I should mention you can catch toxioplasmosis from gardening (where cats usually go to the bathroom) or from raw meet. In all these situations you should wash your hands thoroughly or wear gloves!

IamSilla said...

awww she is sooo adorable, mashaallah, owh pls do take care of her

Mimisha said...

Inshallah i will take her to the vet soon to have her checked. But alhamdulillah she seems pretty healthy :)
Until the baby is born my husband will have to clean the litter box :D

@Sarira: Im in cairo( el obour) but i have spend 2 months in alex the last year ( in asafra). I miss ales so much, inshallah i will go there soon for a visit :)