Monday, November 16, 2009

Egypt vs Algeria

Am not really into Football anymore though i have been wheni was 16 or so
But i guess no one in Egypt could have ignored this match :)
I have 2 say i supported also Algeria n i dont get why everone supports egypt ( i mean the non egyptian ones)
But well when Egypt won hell break free on the streets. I have seen things like this only when germany was near 2 win the world cup :)
The people had quite a lot of fun on the streets, dancing, celebrating and stoping cars.
I even saw a guy walking on a bus which was really weird.
Id be scared if i habged out of the car like a lot of guys did that night.
And my husband was annoyed that it took us 3,5 hours instead of 1,5 to get from downtown to october.
I gues we should have listend 2 our landlord and stayed home :)
But it was intresting being in the middle of it and alhamdulillah nothing bad happend to the car ( or us :P)

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Jaz said...

Yay I can comment now :D
Why were you supporting algeria when you are in egypt :O hahaha, I was supporting egypt but pretending to support algeria to annoy my husband.

I thought it was a great game and very exciting. I loved the 2nd goal. The streets exploded!