Monday, November 9, 2009

the pregnancy

I mentioned this topic be4 but decided 2 delay it until am sure everything is ok.
So i went 2 the doctor yesterday ( be4 all the drama) and she said all is fine.
Shes a nice old lady wearing niqb but i got some issues with her.

First her sonar is really old and gives not so good images
she doesnt take any blood or urine test..sint she supposed 2?

And the main thing is, she talks always 2 my husband in arabic expalining him what i should do..
Hello? iam the one who is pregnant so why does she tell my husband that i shouldnt wear high heels..why she doesnt tell me directly? ( she can speak english well)
I guess ill change the doctor as i cant relate 2 her when she doesnt tell me everything and doesnt make the tests that i expect from a good doctor.

Am in week 8 now and morning sickness got me well.
I feel so sick some days i just wanna stay n bed.
It feels like u ate something very bad and ur stomach goes crazy :S
I hope it goes away soon as im week 8 now and they say it leaves in week 12 inshallah

Anyone got tips against it?

pregnancy week by week

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.::Tuttie::. said...

i say that if you don't feel comfortable with your health care provider. As a niqabi I am upset that she treated you this way. Not all docs or midwives require so much testing unless they suspect something is wrong or if you are high risk pregnancy.

About your symptoms I had them too in varying degrees so its normal.

If you are going to change docs change docs soon so that you can build a relationship with them so that when it is time to deliver you don't feel like they are a complete stranger. Its your birth and your body.