Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Furniture hunt part 2

First i gotta say i removed some posts and ill talk about the topic again after some weeks when i know more, but no bad news :)

We still loking 4 furniture, though we fund some nice ones it seems it never works out.
Ther last few beds we liked would take lot of time 2 be delivered 2 us or are bad qulity. So now we ordered one from tawheed ( big mall everywhere in egypt)
Inshallah it will be done on thursday. We orderes a bed, closet, kitchen n couch.
i doubt it gonna work, but i hope it will, as new problems appeared.
We signed a renting contract 4 a house 1 month ago n we still didnt move there, so now the landlord gave us 1 week 2 move in otherwise the gas n water will not be instaled :S
I wish we can move there soon as i dont lke 2 be here all time anyway..

2nd thing am trying 2 get is a kitten. Shouldnt be so hard, but my husband wants it 2 be from the vet and this vet is just lazy ( downst seem he really wanna sell cats)
Inshallah 2night we gonna go 2 a new petshop in here 2 see what they got, if i dont find what am looking 4 ill propbaly have 2 relay onthe vet again.
We also gonna go 2 buy carpets 4 the house inshallah, as there is a shop with 50% discount here atm.

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