Sunday, October 25, 2009


Iam exhausted even though i slept 8 hours i still feel tired and wanna go back 2 sleep
and its all bcz of yesterday
Yesterday we went 2 downtown, mohndesin and some other places 2 search 4 some nice decent furniture and it took us 12 hours :S
Still didnt really find anything..The things i like arent acceptable ( says my husband) bcz its made of mdc n not pure wood.
And everything else looks like france in 18th century
Somehow like this just with more fake gold and flowers on it :(

Its like impossible 2 find simple elegant furniture here. I found some couches id accept but we need a bedroom first.
Though the couch i fel in love with coasts 25000 pound and is way 2 expensive, so we not gonna get that pretty one :S
This is some kinda bedrooms id love 2 have

Why isnt there a Ikea in here????

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