Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Good vs. The Bad

The Good vs. The Bad

Ok im thinking about the positiv and negative sites of living here in cairo now so i thought it be intresting 2 make a list :P

The Good ( always start with the good ;)

- Abayas - u can get them everywhere in any style and much cheaper than in europe!

- The people - dont know why but ppl here r more welcoming and nicer

- Freedom in Islam - well its easier to live islam here than in a small city in germany where ppl think ur a terorist if u wear abaya or just hijab

- Prices - Stuff here is simply cheaper ( except cars)

- Lifestyle - (not sure if thats good) ppl here take things easier..u r 2 hours late so what?
i dont really like it but its helpfull some times. like we can go n vacation 2 alexandria now without asing the work for holidays 3 months be4 it

- Arabic - learning arabic here is simply easier and so it can help u 2 learn reading quran 2

- Mosques and Adhan - everywhere,always available

- Renting flats here is waiting 3 months 2 finish a contract..u can get a new flat in 1 day and leave it in 1 week if u wanna?

The Bad ( had 2 come right?)

- Cleaniness..does it exist? dont think so!

- the sanitary is mostly every flat

- street cats n sorry 4 them

- the it winter, really???

- The food... 2 much meat, 2 much fat... instead of water always pepsi, 7up,...

cant think of more now,maybe ill add more later


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