Wednesday, October 7, 2009

rat on the roof :S

2day was quite boring day, i went 2 sleep late last night so i got up at about 11 am.
The only things i did after waking up is eating break fast, washing clothes, some cleaning n cooking.
And going up on the roof ....Bad idea
I just went there to get some sun and fresh air. usually i dont go there bcz its never been finished so its full of sand and looks ugly up there..and because my husband told me there r animals and i should take the dog with me when i go up.
Well the dog has been sleeping somewhere so i went alone.

I just had 2 see the pigeons who r set in a tiny cottage( u call it like this?) up there.
I wonder why we have them as no one cares 4 them n no one needs them
Anyway when i looked in the cottage i saw a huge rat climbing up the wall :S
It was disgusting, i can tell u..
I think from now on ill be realy more carefull 2 close the windows at night so they cant come in.
Still we didint got the stuff that protect the windows,everywhere ( how u call it that keeps flies n so on out?)

Now am waiting 4 my husband 2 come home so we can go 2 get our stuff from somewhere else and than come back..will be a 2 hour drive there n back 2 hours :S

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