Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Introduce you to my baby boy :D

Long time since i had the chance to use the laptop and iam sooo glad to have it back ( net addict :P)
The last few weeks a lot happend, the biggest of it the birth of my son on the 14.6.10 :)

On the 13.6.10 i went to my family inlaws flat in downtown which is about 1,5 hours drive from here.
I planned to stay there til the birth.
Actually my birth was to be on the 13.6 but since i didnt had any contractions we didnt went there earlier.
So in the night of the 13.6 we went there and also right away to my check up at the doctor and he did something 2 make me have contractions ( no details, but it wasnt a nice feeling!)
After that i had contractions coming every 7 min for the whole night :S
At 11am we had a appointment in the hospital with my doctor for another check up and to see the hospital.
Since i had contractions i stayed there right away and we got room ( we means me, husband and mother in law)
In the afternnon the contractions got so painfull that i got an epidural which was the best thing ever :)
Finally i could relax a bit and it didnt hurt at all to take the epidual ( thx doctor fadl :)
At around 10pm they finally decided i can go to the birthroom ( alone without my husband)
Alhamdulillah my doctor and his assistent were great and supporting me soo much that i felt very comfortable :)
The birth itself wasnt so hard bcz of the epidural.
The only bad thing was the episiotomy, i didnt feel it when it was done but after the epidural stopped working i suffered a lot.
The first week after birth i suffered a lot of pain all the time, while sitting, laying and walking :(
Alhamdulillah its fine now and i dont feel any pain at all :)

My baby had some breathing problems at first so he had to stay in the hospital for 2 days :(
I went home after 1 day and i missed him so much.
Alhamdulillah hes fine now.

The first 2 weeks home with him werent so great cause we stayed at the in laws house.
That means 3 rooms from which only 2 have AC, for somtimes 6 adults and 3 kids.
Anyway i cant change thier whatever iam home now alhamdulillah

My little one is doing fine and finally sleeping more so that we can take more rest 2 :)
Hes growing every day and he already started to smile :)


Jaz said...

He's adorable, I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well now and you both made it through those hard weeks and are happy now :)

Anonymous said...

Mabrouk! May Allah protect him.

Bitten by an Arab bug said...

Mashallah, Mimisha, your baby is cute!

Xenia said...

Mabrook! may Allah always keep him safe and healthy Very cute MashaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Salam 3alaikum dear sis,
i found your blog a couple months back, and i like your style of writing and its a good blog :) im glad your back to writing.

Masha ALLAH beautiful baby

Angeliquez said...

salaam alaiki dear sis..ive been away from blogging a while too..and back today,i remembered and stopped by to check on you..since you told me then that you were pregnant..
And masha Allaah,mabrook!
Barakallaah fil mawlood also!
Masha Allaah the baby is beautiful..what are you naming him?

About your in-laws..
make prayer sister..
and be patient..
Allaah will then reward you and make things easy insha Allaah!..