Saturday, June 5, 2010

my big family

My family is quite unusal for germans :)
My mother has 4 brothers and 7 sisiters which means she has 11 siblings.
I dont know anyone from germany who has a huge family like this, most people i know dont have more than 4 aunts/ uncles.
My father also has just 1 brother which is much more normal in germany.
Germans in generell dont get enough kids thats why they speculate that in some generations muslims gonna be the majority in germany (i have to say inshallah :D)
Having such a huge family could be great if everything was alright. Sadly in my family we dont have contact with everyone. Stil i have some great uncles and aunts on who i can trust in any situatin ( alhamdulillah)
Having such a big family didnt had much of influence on me when i was younger, but now that ill be a mother soon i think about this topic much more.
I wish my child would have contact to my family too, at least when iam in german for visits.
I already worry about how 2 establish a good contact with them and how to make him meet my father.
I dont have contact to my father since iam 18 except for birthday cards and me writing letter( that he doesnt answer :S)
But i certainly want him to have contact to my dad and 2 meet him.
The problem is my fathers girlfriend.
She is with him since many years and i never came along with her very well.
She was jealous about me too much and so did anything to make me stay away.
Now i dont care about her as long as hes happy with her, but i dont want her 2 see my son.
Bcz iam scared of the evil eye.
Might sound funny, but i do believe in it!
I believe that if i let my son stay near her for longer time her jealousy and hate might give him something like bad luck.
So i have to work out a way to meet my dad without her, which is nearly impossible cause she doesnt let him go anywhere alone ( psycho :P)

I guess im just getting worried now that the brith is sooo near :S
Inshallah all will be solved out once hes born.

Does anyone of u have such a huge family and how u cope with it if u live in another country?

This video is so great, mashallah
and it gives me hope :)

( my cat just starred at the laptop and listend very interested when the azhan in that video played, mashallah :)


Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

salaam alaikum,

My dad has 10 sisters and 4 brothers =) my mom on the other hand just has one sister. I am closer to my dads side of the family. It can be difficult living abroad with no family around (mine are all back in the U.S.). As for the evil eye, if you feel she will try to harm your baby (actions, thoughts etc) then its a good idea to keep away from her. In the meanwhile you can recite duas and aytal-kursi to protect you and your child from the evil eye as well as surahs nas, falaq and iklas.

Mimisha said...

wa alaikum as salam
wow ur family is even bigger than mine :D
I ( actually my husband) tryd surah al falaq last night and it worked right away. We were driving n the car stopped while 2 man were watching us but when we recited the surah it was working again right away :)

kasia said...

salaam aleikum,

my my, such a big family, ma sha' allah.

unfortunately my mom is the only child of my grandma and my father has just one brother. but instead my grandpa used to be the 12th in his family, as far as i remember. but it's my grandpa, he used to grow up in times when it's normal, that people have more than 2 kids in the family. so it doesn't count, i guess. :p

i myself never wanted to have a big family (i've never felt well with my family; i've always been one of those that prefer lonely walking ;) ).
but now it has changed. i am not quite sure if it's because of the pregnancy. i doubt that cause i started feeling this way when i met my husband. but i'm sure the pregnancy doubled this feeling.
so now i feel that the only brother that i have is fine, but i myself would love to have more than 2 kids, in sha' allah. :)

kasia said...

oh, one more thing. though i have such a small family, i know that if we, me and my hub (and the baby, in sha' allah :)), leave one day (and we do have plans like this), it will be extremely difficult, esp for me and my mother. i don't quite know how we'll deal with it, but in sha' allah we'll go through it pretty smooth. :)