Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tooth Pain... :(

I have a tooth ache since more than a week but 2day it just became too much for me :S
I woke up early in the morning from pain and than had 2 wait 1 hour for the pharmacy to bring some panadol extra. And than after taking it i had 2 wait another 30 min for it 2 work.
I took 2 and it still didnt remove all the pain :(

Alhamdulillah im not in much pain right now
But i guess i really have 2 see a dentist and thats not something im looking forward to.
Experience tells me, dentists always find something 2 work on and always u leave their praxis with pain..
And the dentists here in egypt arent really the best and trustable ones..
Anyway doesnt look like i have a choice if i wanna get rid of this pain. After all waking up every 2nd day from tooth ache isntreally something i want to handle for a long time
Tooth ache is one of the pains i hate the most!
i can handle headache, colds and injurys way better than tooth ache

Damn me and my sugar consume :S
Plzzz make dua for me, im sure ill need it once i go 2 a dentist


SaraA said...

ISA you will be ok :)
If you have really bad pain by a medicine called cataflam (available 25mg or 50mg). It's really effective especially in toothache which is the worst pain of all.
There is also catafast in a powder from you will mix it with water and drink. I use that because I have sensitive tummy and also it seems to work faster too.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Hope u fine now, my dear sis :d

Lalita Chaple said...

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