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Saif al Malouk and Naran in Pakistan

Lake Saif al Malouk   
                                                  Saif al Malouk in the Winter

Saif al Malouk is definitely one of the Places you should visit if you make a Trip to Pakistan.

Though not a lot of foreign Tourists get the Chance to come here, it is worth the Trouble and I promise you that you will never forget the sight! Most Tourists that travel to Saif al Malouk are Pakistanis and most of them are on their Honeymoon. It is a common Sight to see a Bride in her Wedding Dress posing next to the Lake. Even though the Wedding would have been held in their Hometown, they just love to make some Wedding Pictures here. And seeing the Beauty of the Lake
Who wouldn’t?

The Lake is located at the northern end of the Valley Karghan and can only be reached by Jeep or trekking.
From the small City of Naran it takes about 1 hour to get to Saif al Malouk by Jeep and it definitely is not recommendable for Folks with a Fear of Heights. Trekking takes 2 hours or more depending on your experience but it can be quite dangerous for inexperienced People.
Saif al Malouk is one of the highest located Lakes in Pakistan being about 10, 5000 Feet (3200.40 meters) above sea level.

Surrounded by Mountains this Place is simply magical. The Lake got its Name after a Persian Prince who fell in Love with a Mountain-Fairy at this very Place. It is said that at first he just stole her Clothes to tease her while she was bathing in the river but then he fell deeply in love with the Fairy. Still until today the natives swear, Fairies come down to this Lake once in a while.
Seeing this magical Lake with your own eyes, surely this story won’t be hard to believe!

It is possible to surround the Lake by walking or by riding Horses.
For less money, a Guide will let you ride a Horse while he will guide you around the lake.
The downside to this Adventure is that there are no Restaurants nor Hotels or Guesthouses near the Lake.
Therefore, the only way to visit it is to stay in a Guesthouse or Hotel in Naran and make a daytrip to Lake saif al malouk.

The Guesthouses and Hotels in Naran are a great Way to experience the Pakistani way of Life. In addition, the Restaurants will give you the possibility to purchase Food and take it with you on your day Trip to Saif al Malouk.


                                             Magical Reflections at Lake Saif al Malouk

The City of Naran

Before making your Day Trip to Saif al malouk you will have to stop in Naran.
It is 800 Feet above Sea Level and the last Stop before encountering Saif al malouk.
This charming little City will give you the possibility to try authentic Pakistani Cuisine and to purchase some hand made Souvenirs.

The Main Bazaar offers anything from hand woven carpets to hand carved wooden Figures.
The Prices here are very reasonable compared to the Main Cities such as Islamabad or Karachi where you will pay a lot more for these precious Items.
Take a Walk through the Bazaar and let it infatuate your Senses.

The Erum Hotel and the Royal Hotel are the best choices to spend the Night here or to eat something that isn’t traditional Pakistani.

                                            View of the Mountains in Naran



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