Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boycott Israel

I´m a muslim but that´s not the reason i boycott Israel!

Even if i was christian or a jew, i would never support the things Israel does to the palestinian citizens!

Palestinians used to live in Pelstine in Peace, before it´s been decided that their Homes should belong to israel. So how would u like it if someone comes to your country/city and tells you " please leave now, this place and everything in it belongs to us now and we dont want you here. If you dont go we will torture you, rape your wive/sisters/mother, and kill your children without mercy"?

Whatever your religion, please support this case and Boycott Israel.
Be a Human and help the Palestinians to end this nightmare.

I know its hard to stay away from all those products that support israel.
So do it step by step.
Remove these products from your daily life, one by one!

For more Information plz go to this Website

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