Friday, July 13, 2012

Circumcision forbidden in germany

Religious circumcisions are now illegal in Germany

The District Court of Cologne has decided: Religious Circumcision is considered assault.

Germany is since July 2012 the only country in the world that forbids religious circumcision. A fact that outrages the Muslims and Jews that are living in Germany.

Judaism and the Islam both require their members to get their boys circumcised to become whole members of their communities.

In both religions boys should be circumcised in young age, before they are able to decide themselves if they want it.

From a legal perspective, the process is at first, like any other medical intervention and mayhem. If a procedure is considered medically necessary, the circumcision will have no legal consequences.

It is a fact that in Islam, the health of the human - physical and emotional - is a high good, if not one of the highest goods. Muslims know that circumcising their sons has many health benefits. Not much different is the case in Judaism.

The Jewish hospital in Berlin used to perform 300 circumcisions per year. 2/3 of them on Jewish and Muslim boys for religious reasons.

Doctors scare that now that religious circumcisions are illegal, they will be performed under unhygienic circumstances, as Jews and Muslims, certainly will not give up one of their most important traditions.

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt
: “With this law there is no future for the Jews in Germany !"

The Cologne judgment about circumcision is considered by the Conference of European Rabbis “as the heaviest attack on Jewish life since the Holocaust“. The President of the Federation, the Moscow Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said on Thursday in Berlin "If the law will last, I see no future for Jews in Germany." He assumes however, that the circumcision of boys for religious reasons, is enshrined in law in the Federal Republic.

Circumcision in infancy helps to reduce the risk of febrile urinary tract infections and inflammations of the penis. In adults, it reduces the risk of being affected by prostate cancer.

This proves Jews and Muslims right as they prevent this right from the beginning instead of waiting for the child to become sick and than getting, him circumcised.

Worldwide every third male Human is circumcised whether for religious reasons or simply for hygienic reasons.



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✾βιττεη✾ said...

I think no one, be it religious folks or the government, should enforce circumcision to anyone. For me it's a personal choice and should be left to each individual.

Anonymous said...

*I meant no one even parents, doctor or whoever :)