Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Dentist

I finally went to the Dentist last night.

I will have to get fillings in 2 Teeth - No surprise there!

What really surprise me was that it actually didn’t hurt. I have been scared to go to the Dentist because i thought i would be in huge pain. My biggest Fear was having injections.

Well i can tell you though I’m scared of injections, it really didn’t hurt and i didn’t even feel the injection.

I just closed my eyes and waited for the pain and it didn’t come :)

After that the Dentist just cleaned the teeth which wasn’t painful but not that enjoyable too. To be honest I was shaking from nervousness.

Before this I have been in pain for about 2 weeks.

In the beginning it wasn’t such a problem and I could relieve the pain with Panadol once a day.

After some days though that wouldn’t work anymore until one night I fund myself crying from pain.

At that moment I took cataflam, antibiotics and a strong painkiller (I don’t remember the name). t worked after some time but since than I took every day cataflam (an anti flammatory ) and Antibiotics (called Curam) . It did keep the pain away but well didn’t heal the problem.

Now I don’t have any pain after getting a temporary filling in my teeth. It doesn’t feel normal though and it leaves a strange taste in the mouth at all times. But hey at least I have no pain anymore J

I was supposed to get the final filling on Thursday but since I am invited to an engagement party I will have to wait till Saturday to get it done.

Once I get this teeth done I will have to get the other one done :S

The dentist office was really, really clean (normally Egyptian doctors don’t seem to care for cleanness!) and well equipped.

I can really recommend this clinic for anyone living in Cairo/Egypt.

I heard already a lot of horror stories about Dentists here in Cairo.

My sister in law for example had some kind of surgery after an infection in a tooth and after that she had 2 days unbearable pain. You shouldn’t be in pain after this, the Dentist has to give you the right prescription for painkiller or otherwise he probably made a mistake causing the pain..

If you are interested to contact the Dentist i have been to just let me know in a comment.
The Dentist is located in El Obour City/1st Zone /  
in  Cairo

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