Sunday, July 15, 2012

Working online

Since i decided to start taking article writing and translating more serious it works pretty well for me.

I am doing this for quite a while but i didnt have the time to concentrate on it like i do now :)

Iam not completly happy with the choices of topics that my contractors send me but i guess as a Newbie in working onlie i have to take it untill i have a reputation.

Id love to write travel artivles and health related articles.

But right now i mostly write about boring topics such as Dietician vs. Nutritionist.
Really not a topic i enjoy!
But well i get payd for it and i hope to get good feedback for it.

I am working hard to deliver articles as fast as possible to get a reputation to deliver work accurate and on time. I´m sure this will pay off sooner or later as i can see many people who work online dont take ot serious and wether just copy and paste contents or dont meet deadlines.

If you are interested to work online i can recommend odesk
My first job here didnt went well but overall its a good site and offers good jobs with a fair payment.
I also really wanna write a book.
I have a few ideas for storylines but i´m not sure which one would sell the best.
And books need to have at least 25,000 Words which is a lot as u will  know if u ever tryd to write that much :D

Well am on it as i started to write down one of my storys.
I might post some of the storyline in this Blog but only after i completed some more of the writing ;)

Anyone else here who´s a writer and wants to write/publish a book?


Anonymous said...

Did you receive any payment from oDesk yet? Please let me know..

ChainingMagic said...

I would love to publish a book, but right now I'm stuck doing research papers. Thank you for referring me to odesk, I'll take a look!

Mimisha said...

I did recieve payment already from Odesk. I used local funds transfer as withdrawal method as it was free to use the frist time. Did u have any problems with payment fromit anonymus?
There is one client that didnt pay me but i flagged him for that.