Friday, July 27, 2012

Fajr time in Cairo

It is Time for Suhoor here in cairo and only a few minutes are left til the Adhaan will chime through the streets and remind the Believers that from now on we have to fast untill the Sung goes down again.

Since iam alone for Suhoor today i only ate some bread with cream cheese and zatar. Normally we eat Fouhl which are cooked beans. because of their high protein contentthey are supposed to keep hunger at bay for a longer time that foods like bread or even veggys.

Im drinking water as usually as i reserve my coffee for iftar.
I also drink some mango milkshake ( recipe canbe found here Mango Milkshake and Mask)
Im in love with mangos and its the season for them right now so i eat as much of them as possible, hoping it wont destroy my weight plan.

The fasting this year is long and the days are very hot, but i still dont feel that the fasting is harder than in the other years. The reason is probably my beloved AC. If it gets too hot for me i hide in the bedroom and turn the AC on and all is well.
Iam not hungry for most of the day but iam thirsty a lot.
But it is a great reminder of the poor. Some days ago i read about this sheikh in saudia who answered questions from muslims from all over the world by phone.
A muslim called him and asked if his fasting will be accepted if he has nothing to eat before the fast and nothing to break the fast. The sheikh cried after this call and it made me cry too.
Why should i complain if i have food to break my fast and i live like a princess in a room with AC?
I mean not even the prophet (s.a.w.) had something to cool his house in hot days like these. So iam very lucky!

There might be many ppl that have more money and wealth than me, but for them there are thousands that have way less than me. People who fight for thier Lifes in Syria, Palestine and Burma and people who donthave enough to eat to keep their children alive in South Africa and many other places.

Some of my european family members really do complain because theri friends have more money than them. But they have huge Houses, a few cars, travel for holidays twice a year,...
i can not really blame them though.
I know how it is to live like this, you just see people who have more and you dont get in contact with poor people so you simply forget how blessed you are.
There should be way more awareness for this subject in europ and america.

Anayway i got carried away enough..

The Adhaan called and from now on ill be fasting until sunset!
May Allah accept my fast and the fast of every true muslim and reward us with jannah, inshallah!

Wishing all of u a great weekend or jummah mubarek :)

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