Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aura Dion - Geronimo

Yeah I know the title doesn’t fit.. anyways
It’s the song I listen right now

I love it and listen to it the whole night. This song is on repeat in my apartment during the whole night ( trying to ignore the other ppl arguing in the next room..)

It keeps my mood up when everything around me ís just going wrong and i wanna run away..
It sounds happy, doesnt it?

These days the electricity here cuts way to often. Always shortly after the Maghreb Adhan.

So when u finally get your energy back u cant do anything as its totally dark!
The water cut too in the evening, so no water to drink, not water 2 wash,..
Dear Egyptian government consider using ur resources for ur people and not selling it to the enemy
I know bitching about it wont make it better, but well being quiet about it just encourages the government to go on with their games.. I guess
My father in law was genuinely shocked when I told him the electricity never cuts in Germany, same goes for water by the way.
I remember that when I was a kid a was hoping for the electricity to cut to have something interesting happening :D
But it never did anyway..

I guess i get what i wanted now..just a little late :)
Nevermind, it could be romantic..if..well it could, but it isnt, at least not in my apartment..anyways

Btw its 3.20 am here in Masr, which means only a few minutes til we start to fast again for the rest of the day.
My lil boy (2) is still wide awake.. *sigh*
I pray that ill get some sleep soon...

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