Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being a mom

Its fajr time once again..
I made many attempts to sleep as i cant work anyway, but obviously it didnt work
My body got used to sleep after fajr and not before.
So i guess 2morrow my sunshine will wake me early and once again i will walk around like a zombie praying that i will be "Nap Time" already!

Yes i  impatiently wait for my son to get tired enough to take his daily Nap.
Its the time i can sleep too and relax.
The rest of the day iam working, cooking, cleaning, washing and serving the baby
My little prince is quite demanding and always orders me to get up, if he wants me to give him something..

So the best way to have some time to work inpeace is to give him a bucket of water and a cup..
It keeps him busy and happy, and it gives me the needed time to do my freelance work

In the last 3days i managed to translate over 11 000 wordsfrom german to english.
Which is pretty good considering that most translators do this in 1 week.
I simply wanna finish this project to get a better paid one..

Being a mom isnt really easy, but it s still great :)

I just wish i will beable to catch some sleep now before the babydecides to get up again..inshallah

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Allah blessed you to be a mom :).