Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cleaning marathon

I just finished cleaning the whole flat..more or less
Its not like i planned doing this but when i laid down to sleep i heard some noises that freaked me out, so i got up again to find what it was.
It sounded like someone was in our the end i didnt find what it was..

Buti couldnt sleep anymore so i started cleaning and didnt stop till now :)
Husband n baby r sound asleep so i can enjoy the clean house for a while before someone starts throwing custard on the floors or dropping juice..
Its really nice to have some time completly alone :)

Anyway alone time is over as i really need to sleep.
Im just waiting my tea to cool down so i can drink it before im off to bed.

I bought my Eid dress today for  atotal of 155Le
about 25 $
not too expensive i guess as most dresses i liked were about 450 Le (74 $) which is simply too much at the moment. After all ill need a new bag and shoes soon.

I might put a pic of the dress here 2morrow if i have time :)

1 comment:

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Sure, would love to see those pics.
And Happy Eid.