Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to make Espresso at home

I just love espresso and ive been searching for a´n affordable and good quality espresso machine ever since i came to egypt. Ingermany the quality is great but the price is pretty high for automatic machines. Sending a small manual espresso machine will coast more than the machine itself..
So when i went to carrefour last night and by luck discovered that they have espresso machines now i was more than happy. They didnt have them before and normally i dont even go to the section anymore were the coffe cups etc. are stored.
Anyhow i passed by and found ´manual espresso machines from Pedrini imported from Italy.
They are available for 2 or 6 cups and in several colors like orange, green, violetand black.
I decided to go for the one for 6 cups as 2 cups wouldnt be enough when my father in law or brother in law are here. And since im not a fan of the other coloursi went for the black one.
Price 130Le about 21.5 $
Its about the same price i would pay for it on germany which is great as most of the time items like this are way more expensive here in cairo.
I couldnt find good espresso powder in carrefour. They do sell espresso powder from their own brand for 11Le per 250 gr. Its cheap and well thats how it tastes like. not good quality and bad taste!
Il have to get some better espresso powder tonight. Alhamdulillah theres a shop near us that sells espresso powder from lavazza. ill see how that goes.
I was a bit unsure how to use the machine as there was no descirption and i never used a manual espresso machine before.
But its actually not soo hard.
1. Fill the down part 3/4 with cold water
2. Put the filter and fill it with espresso powder. When full push the powder gently down with not too much force.
3. Close the espresso machine by putting the down and the upper part back together.
4. Put the espresso machine on the fire. Heat has to be medium. Not too high not too low.
5. Wait until steam comes out of the top. I measured the time and it took about 5 min til i turned the fire off. This was for a 6 cups espresso machine though so i dont know how long a 1,2 or 3 cups machine takes.
6. Leave for another 2 minutes before filling the espresso into the cups.
7. Fill into cups, Add sugar. Enjoy :)




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