Thursday, August 23, 2012

I should..

be working right now
But i dont want to :S
I still have 5 articles to finish until tomorrow and all ive done til now is the research.
Its not a very interesting topic so i keep telling myself ill do it later.
Well ill have to do it anyhow, its for my fav client so i better do it well.

So since i dont wanna work and i dont wanna do housework either im just playing around.
Playing games with my Son
Making useless pictures
Creating collages
drinking lots of coffee

Not a very productive day. Tomorrow will be better inshallah
i dont really feel like cooking either so i just made some fast pasta with creamy sauce and we still have shorba (meat soup) from yesterday. Ill eat some chicken panee and eventually make some veggys. I just have no clue what kinda veggys i should do. We had curry yesterday and i could eat it every day, but my husband wouldnt accept that.
Id make a soup but its too hot for whats left?
I cant make oven veggys as im missing oregano and without that it doesnt taste good at all.
I guess it will be veggys in tomato sauce, easy and fast..perfect fopr a lazy day

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