Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eid Shopping

Eid is over :(

Ii didnt spend Eid visiting Relatives as i wanted to.
But i got to go shopping with my sister in law at Carrefour Maadi.
Its a huge shopping complex with a lot of different shops, cafes, restaurants and of course Carrefour.

The first time we went onthe first day of Eid and i bought the shoes in the pic below for 140Le.
Not really cheap for shoes like that but i have just 1 pair of sandals so i was in need of another pair. The next time we went with my other sister in law and her two girls, last night.
While it was really nice the first, yesterday t was way too crowded.

Carrefour Maadi is always crowded and i prefer to go other places as i hate crowds. But i have to admit the shops there are not bad. Still i prefer mall of Arab or Dandy Mall in 6th of october ( its an area of cairo).

I bought the bag in the picture yesterday and im very happy i found it.
My bags are falling apart and look really bad. So this bag will do, even its pretty small.
I can only fit my mobile, purse, camera and iphone and nothing else.

Alhamdulillah i dont need to carry bottles and other stuff for my Son anymore. I remember that when he was a baby we would carry a lot of stuff when we went out with him.

Now the shoes dont fit to the dress and the baag but its not ment as an outfit. Its just the things i purhcased inthe last week.
 After more than 1 month of no shopping i guess i deserved it :D
 well maybe not but i needed the bad and shoes.. And the dress, well it was Eid after all!
I ll keep it for the next engagement/Dinner party ill go to inshallah.

Any opinions?