Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Outfit

My Eid Outfit
I know the pic quality sucks :S
My son kept playing in front of me and throing his toys at me :D
You can see the back of his head on the right site of the pic anyhow

Im thinking to wear a jacket over this dress instead of the black carina that i wear to cover my arms.
I kinda feel naked when i wear only carin´s with dresses or shirts :S
But i fear that if i wear a jacket it will destroy the image of the dress and anyhow ill just be visitng family so i can use this time to show off :D


Karima said...

I love your Eid Outfit - in the past I used to love wearing black and white like this! Your newest follower

Mimisha said...

Thx Karima :)
in germany i never wear black cause ppl tell me i look pale. In egypt tell me im pale too but they like it :D
Hope u enjoy reading my Blog