Friday, March 12, 2010

Am feeling sick :S

I guess i ate something wrong last night
I cant say what it was since i ate a lot of different things :)
But i guess it was the milk-rice which my mother in law brought with her ( from a shop)
Since the morning i feel pain in my stomach and i just wanna sleep.
It doesnt made it better that i didnt get sleep all night. We just stayed up til about 7am and after it when we tryd 2 sleep a annoying fly woke me up every 5 min.
So im kinda exhausted and feel sick
Which really sucks as its friday and i waited all week 4 this day since my husband promised we will go 2 a big mall
I desperatyly need some clothes 2 wear at home since my stomach just got bigger and my old clothes dont fit anymore :(

I cant believe am now pregnanct since about 27 weeks.
Its not 2 much time left til the baby will be born and i dont really feel ready.
There are still things we need 2 buy. BUt 2 be honest i cant wait that my body is mine again.I feel absolutly unatractive and i feel like a old woman when i move slowly out of the bed..

Alahmdulillah 4 everything

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