Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dogs are haram..

But that doesnt mean we can treat them bad!
There is even a hadith which states a woman ( prostitute) who gave water 2 a thirsty dog wnet 2 heaven for her deed. And a woman who mistrested a cat went 2 hell!

We had a dog at my in laws home.
She was there for security and 2 keep the rats away.
Now some time ago she got babys, but sadly only 2 of 5 survived :(
I blame my husbands brother as he was to take care of them but he didnt really care!
The dog was staying on the roof which was like a huge terasse and she could go down into the garden at any time she liked. The little ones stayed at the roof as they were 2 small 2 go down the stairs.

But now someone seemed 2 have poisend them :(
My husbands brother called us some days ago that the dogs died and they were throwing up blood before that :(
I dont get why he didnt get the vet who is having his place not far from the house.
Arent the dogs worth to get help from us?
I know that if we have been there my husband would have done anything 2 save them, as he loved that dog so much.
We actually wanted 2 take one of the babys to our place but we dont have so much place and my husband had doubts so we didnt do it.
I wish we had, cause it would be still alive :(

These are some pictures of them, dont they look so sweet and innocent?
How could anyone harm them???


Amira said...

oh my god someone poisoned them?! Whats wrong with people?! I completely agree with you just because dogs are haraam does not mean we can abuse them or any of allah's creatures.

Twizzle said...

AstagferAllah how cruel!! That is horrible... :(

They are so adorable MashaAllah.

Allah gave us dominance over animals not to hurt them, but to live amongst them and to use some for work/transportation and some for us to be able to eat.

I highly urge you to get your husband to convince his brother to get the dog fixed so that she is no longer able to get pregnant again.

its kind of like the attitude of many Muslims towards pigs. I always want to tell them, "It is haram for us to eat them, it doesn't mean we have to think of them as the scum of the earth and to be digusted at the sight of them."

and then its funny how other animals that are haram for us to eat are regarded by these same people as some of Allah's beautiful creatures.