Sunday, March 7, 2010

Au pair time in Uk

From April 2009 i was working as an Au pair in Uk
I worked there for about 1,5 Months only even though i was supposed 2 stay longer
It was one of the worst experiences of my Life and iam happy iam over with this.
But i cant deny im not really done with it bcz from time 2 time i remember it and it makes me feel bad.

When i got the news that i could work in Uk i was so happy. It gave me the opportunity 2 earn money and 2 get experience with kids.
I was working 4 a family with a christian mother and an maroccan muslim father.
The 2 kids were Malik ( 3) and Aalia ( 9) and Aalia was happy 2 have a muslim Au/pair as she was intrested 2 learn about Islam.

It didnt went as i was hoping 4..
The mother was a terrible person, like a stepmother in any fairytale!
She gave me the orders what i have 2 do, which was alright with me cause that was after all my duty. The things i had 2 do were a lot but it was ok.
I had to bring the kids 2 school, than clean and make food 4 the kids.
Clean the flat.
Than take Malik home play with him.
Go and take Aalia home and than give them food and make homework with Aalia.
Than play with them until the parents come home.
Extra dutys were bathing the kids once a week and cook dinner twice a week

Well i did all this and i did my best though the kids were really spoiled and didnt listen 2 anyone.
Still the mother was never satisfied!
The food i was cooking was never good enough..not 2 mention that i was 21 and didnt had experience 2 cook for 5 people. How could she expect a perfect dinner?
I did my best and my food isnt that worse. Thats not what i say, but i cooked 4 several people and all of them like dmy food.

The flat was never clean enough. Though i vacuumed 2 times a day in the morning and at night before she came home. I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom and the kids rooms.
I washed the clothes of all of them, ironed the kids clothes and put her and her husbands clothes in their room.
I cleaned the windows, the stairs..
I think thats all u can ask 4 in an au pair..

Every little mistake i made was 2 much
If Aalia didnt do the housework on friday night she would scream at me!
Though i just allowed Aalia 2 do it the next day..

In the end i used the pc 2 look 4 other babysitter jobs at weekend cause i didnt liked 2 be there all weekedn and for au pair jobs after this time.
Well obviously she was always checking the sites i was visiting.
So she came 2 me and screamed at me like a crazy..
She blamed me that i was looking 4 another job without telling her ( i didnt i swear but even if i did, its my right isnt it???)
So it ended up in drama..
I was crying as i could take it anymore emotionally
Her husband was talking 2 her that this happend everytime that they take a au pair, and that she cant treat human like this always.
The kids came 2 my room and tryd 2 make me feel better..Aalia even told me that shes used 2 this, as the aupairs always end up crying and leaving
( the last aupair just left them bcz of the bad treatment)

I didnt left right away, as written in my contract i stayed about 1 month so they could find another aupair. This month was hell..
U can imagine how bad it is 2 live with a furious woman who just wanna make ur life hell..

When i left they didnt even brought me 2 the airport!
They let me go there by train
I had 2 carry 2 heavy bags whihc i could nearly not handle, changing the train 3 times til i reached the airport after 3 hours..

After this experience i really needed time 2 get over it and 2 get this bad feeling away from me again..

I just wish they will never get an aupair again
But thats useless 2 wish as they got an aupair right after me which left after 1 month again.. ( i know it from facebook..)
Im sorry 4 the kids that they have a mother like this and that their father is 2 weak 2 do anything for them..

Not 2 mention that they lie there!
U cant use the Wii when u want cause they watch tv when they are home and when theyr r not home u take care of the kids..
- 28" widescreen TV/DVD, satallite is a lie 2! In the very small room is a tv with about 2 channels..the big tv with satelite is downstairs and u cant use it when they r home!!!
- free unlimited access to the Internet and free limited international calls to home
Unlimited calls means 30 min a day and just in europe! unlimited free internet acces? Well when u use internet when the kids r there? or when the kids sleep? The pc is in the kids room so u cant use it when the kids r there or when u have 2 take care of them..

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