Friday, March 26, 2010

My first driving lesson

2day i had my very first driving lesson (with 22 years *shame*)
Actually my husband teached me and i wasnt that bad at all :)
I think i did pretty well cause i needed only about 15 min 2 learn how 2 start the car and how 2 drive in the 2nd and 3rd gear.
It was kinda scary though cause it was after maghrib so it was dark, but alhamdulillah the place we were at was empty and there was only 1 more car which was a young guy learning 2 drive by his father, and he did better than me :S (I keep telling myself it wasnt his first time!)
I didnt thought i would handle driving so well, but yeah it was just driving on a safe place, am still scared from the street with all those crazy egyptian driver.
Inshallah i can learn soon 2 park and 2 drive on the street so i can use the car when my husband is at work and i can go shopping on my own *yeah*

2 all of u Jummah mubarak :)

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